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The View, Los Angeles Times, May 4, 1972, Part IV

New Construction Perils Venice Mural

While federal and local officials are doing a search-and-save mission on public art of the new Deal era, a local contemporary mural of International fame is threatened. An apartment house is being erected next to "Venice in the Snow" at 19th Ave. and Ocean Front Walk in Venice.

The Large mural covers the side of an old building there. It was painted by four artists who call themselves the Los Angeles Fine Arts Squad. The startling realistic work reproduces the Venice boardwalk and several familiar figures along the beachfront, all covered in snow.

An object of local pride, the mural also has attracted International attention as a contemporary work of art. It will be hidden from view if a proposed three-story apartment house next door is completed.

Squad artist Vic Henderson is seeking public support to save the mural. A single day of petitioning residents resulted in 1,600 signatures in favor of the work.

Dave Berman, Evening Outlook, May 4, 1972 pp. 5

Mural Gets Temporary Reprieve

A popular Venice mural, facing apparent extinction from construction of an apartment building facing it, has receive a reprieve—at least temporarily.

A spokesman for K & E Development Co. of Los Angeles, which is contracting the three-story structure at 1901 Ocean Front Walk, said it has agreed to halt further work until Monday.

Raising Money If supporter of the mural, which depicts an ocean-front scene covered with snow, can come up with money to meet its expenses so far, the developers will consider selling the property, the spokesman said.

"We're willing to go along with them if we can," said Robert Guerin, attorney for the [section missing]

[section missing] money said Vic Henderson, a member of the Los Angeles Fine Arts Squad, and one of the artists who helped paint the mural on the outside north wall of a friend's studio at 1905 Ocean Front Walk.

Henderson said support is being sough from foundations as well as wealthy individuals and others.

Besides the Fine Arts Squad, of which Henderson and Terry Schoon hoven are the sole members, an organization called Environmental Communications, 63 Windward Ave., Venice, is helping the drive to save the mural. Public contributions to the drive can be sent to the group's address.

Environmental TopicsThe organization is a group of artists which produce slides and films on the environment for sale to universities and other groups.

The artist said the purchase price of the property, which may then be turned into a public park so that mural would be permanently visible, is expected to run between $50,000 and $60,000.

The West Side, Los Angeles Times, May 4, 1972, Part 7

Wall Painting Threat Halts

VENICE — Construction will be temporarily halted on a three-story building that threatens to block the public view of a fames beachfront wall pairing which depicts the beachfront hit by a snowstorm. Robert E. Guerin, attorney for K and E Construction Co. of Venice, said his clients were lated to complete a subsurface cement flooring on their property at 1901 Ocean Front, then would stop construction today until Tuesday to give supporters of the mural an opportunity to raise money for a bond to hold the property pending possible purchase. Supporters will hold a rally at the site at 2 p.m. on Sunday to discuss the latest developments, including a somewhat pessimistic report on any city assistance.