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Murals by Terry Schoonhoven

S.P.Q.R., 1975
14’ x 50’, enamel on plaster,
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Study in Chrome and Gray, 1976
14’ x 40', enamel on stucco,
Venice, CA

Adobe Gillis, 1976
14’ x 40', enamel on stucco,
Thousand Oaks, CA

No River, 1976
24’ x 35’, acrylic on plaster,
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

St. Charles Painting, 1979
50’ x 100’, acrylic on stucco,
Venice, CA

Study in Silver, 1979
10’ x 32’, acrylic on stucco,
Century City, CA

Pasadena Painting, 1981
6,000 sq. feet including ceiling, acrylic on plaster,
Pasadena, CA

Study in Copper, 1981
11’ x 12’, acrylic on stucco,
LACMA, Los Angeles, CA

Passage, 1981
14’ x 280’, acrylic on stucco,
San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, TX

Untitled Murals, 1982
39” x 39” x 36”, and 12’ x 12’, acrylic on plaster,
Doumani House, Venice, CA

White City, 1982
11’ x 11’, acrylic on stucco,
CA State University, Long Beach, CA

Cliff Palace, 1983
14’ x 22’, acrylic on canvas,
United Bank of Denver, Denver, CO

Cityscape, 1984
21’ x 150’, Keim mineral paint on concrete,
Olympics Mural Project, Los Angeles, CA

Morning Room Mural, 1985
Walls and ceiling,
Federal Court of Appeals, Pasadena, CA

Occulus, 1985
10’ diameter semi dome, acrylic on plaster,
Koll Center, Irvine, CA

Landscape with Musicians, 1988
35’ x 11’, acrylic on stucco,
Venice, CA

Story Book Murals, 1989
2 walls, each 122’ x 42’, acrylic on stucco,
North Hollywood, CA

The Time Stream, 1989
2 walls, each 22’ x 26’, marouflage acrylic on canvas,
Metropolitan Life Building, St. Louis, MO

City Above, 1990
2,000 sq. foot ceiling, acrylic on plaster,
Home Savings of America, Los Angeles, CA

Gray Boat, Green Bridge, Twilight, 1990
26’ x 37’ ceiling inset, marouflage oil on canvas,
Sheraton Hotel, San Pedro, CA

Traveler, 1991
10’ x 26’, ceramic tile mural,
MetroRail, Alameda Station, Los Angeles, CA

Projector, 1991
Barrel vault 12’ x 24’, acrylic on plaster,
Beverly Hills, CA

Landscape with four Actors, 1992
7’ x 27’, marouflage oil on canvas,
Valencia Town Center, Valencia, CA

Beal’s Cut, 1992
7’ x 27’, marouflage oil on canvas,
Valencia Town Center, Valencia, CA

The Orange Grove, 1992
Lunette, 10’ radius, ceramic tile,
Valencia Town Center, Valencia, CA

Des Moines Dream Sequence, 1993
2 panels, 9’ x 35’ & 9’ x 38’, oil on canvas,
The Principal Group, Des Moines, IA

View From the Old City, 1993
7’ x 27’ with ceiling 9’ x 18’, oil on canvas,
Los Angeles, CA

Muralists, 1995
25’ x 45’ multiple surfaces, acrylic on concrete,
CalState LA MetroLink station, Los Angeles, CA

Bird’s Eye Quilt, 1997
9’ x 34’ and 16’ x 8', marouflage acrylic on canvas,
Dept. of Transportation, City of Commerce, CA

Police and Fire Opera, 1998
Lobby, 1675 sq. feet, marouflage acrylic on canvas,
Burbank Police and Fire facility, Burbank, CA

Poet’s Table, 1998
9’ x 4’ x 39’, 285 sq. feet, glazed ceramic tile,
Pier Plaza, Huntington Beach, CA

Mirage, 1998
7’ x 29’, marouflage acrylic on canvas,
McCarran Airport concourse, Las Vegas, NV

Jewish Contributions to Medicine, 1999
12’ x 71’, marouflage oil on canvas,
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

The Daughters of Charity, 2000
2 paintings, each 11’ x 24’, marouflage acrylic on canvas,
St. Francis Medical Center, Lynwood, CA

Arrival and Departure, 2001
11’ x 28’, glazed ceramic tile,
Downey, CA

Book Canyon, 2001
2 paintings, each 8’ x 26', acrylic on canvas,
Los Angeles Public Library, Pacoima, CA