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Dave Berman, Evening Outlook, March 9, 1972, pp. 15

Quakes, Snowstorms
Unique 'Portraits' Mirror Fantasy and Reality

Interstate 60 to Blythe is washed out.

A jagged remnant of the freeway, steel coils dangling from its cement guts like cut veins, sits atop an eroding pinnacle of rocks in the middle of a raging sea.

In the background, the gaunt granite mountains and desert form the shoreline.

This stark visions of the Los Angeles Fine Arts Squad—comprised of Terry Schoonhoven and Vic Henderson—is recreated on the three story wall of a red brick building on Santa Monica Boulevard and Butler Avenue in West Los Angeles.

The painting, now 15 months old and about two weeks away from completion, was commissioned by Gordy Hormel, owner of the building which houses, among other things, the Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation, the Transcendental Meditation Society and The Village recording studio.

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to the Feb. 9 earthquake last year. What did they feel when the trembler struck? "We felt upstaged," Schoonhoven said.

"We're interested in the concept of major ecological changes and in seeing concrete images of it," Schoonhoven added.

Part of that preoccupation is expressed in another LAFAS production, a Venice street scene—covered with snow—on the side of a building on Ocean Front Walk at 20th Place in Venice.

Personal Fantasy "That was also a personal fantasy of the group," said Henderson, 32, an art graduate of San Francisco State and Venice resident. "Just the fun of snow landing in a place where it never does." The "group" was once as many as four people and [rest of article missing]